I have created this blog as a place for some of my drawings and images to be shown. As i continue to make work and explore the fields of visual communication i hope to document this learning process as well as the many threads of inspiration that weave into each day.

maybe i’ll use this section to talk about events and happenings… or maybe it’ll all just gravitate into one blog…simple.

so a little context…

I was born in the south of france where my parents were missionaries, moved to england at the age of one, not on my own however, and soon found even more company in a younger brother and an even younger sister. I grew up mostly in a smallish place called Salisbury in a large county called Wiltshire.

More recently, having started down the path of my own creativity I have been pulled towards illustration as an appropriate and exciting career. I’m not sure as of yet how much I want this to be a ‘confessional’ blog, so i’ll leave it there, but I hope that some character and personality can easily carve its way out through the words and pictures that follow…


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