drawing is…

One of our first projects was entitled ‘drawing is more than drawing’, these are some of the bits of work i produced having decided on a direction for the project. I wanted to direct the project towards a subject that would get me working in an excited fashion. Looking at the drawings I’ve done in the past that i view as ‘good’ or ‘best’ as well as the ‘drawing – based’ work of henry darger, howard finster, sister gertrude morgan,  prophet royal robertson, but also many anonymous drawings created by children, seen on walls, the quality to hand made signs, some of ‘unconscious design and decoration’. There is a ‘something’ about certain drawings, I want to be creating work within this grey area.

I’m beginning to wrestle with the idea of being an illustrator as opposed to an artist. Learning that the grey areas are the most frustrating, but most exciting parts to life.

I don’t know if straight forward illustration sits right with me, but having the opportunity to explore so many things in the next three years is an exciting reality.
I want to retain an authenticity to my work (and i suppose life) whilst balancing the maybe more stark reality in comparison to idealism.
(back to the work)

I feel with lots of these bits and bobs i was getting somewhere, in loosening up, expressing, drawing ‘well’ and enjoying.
I’ve realised that its the ideas that compel me to make good work, visually exploring and enjoying the process.
This exploration of creativity for me runs parallels to life, i think there is a lot to be learned from looking at one from the other and both from outside.


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