drawing is…

So i’ve kicked off my degree and i’m two weeks in, we’ve been getting to know each other (illustration and I) and i’ve been set a project about drawing… pretty important stuff.

And so I’ve been thinking about drawing, what drawing is, what it is i like about drawing and what it is about those drawings that i like. Previously in blogs i’ve talked about my interest in characters like Henry Darger, Sister Gertrude Morgan whos work, though in paint has the quality of drawing.

I’ve only begun to think about this and i feel the project may run over the alotted time, i’m happy with that though. I feel its too early to be finishing well.

I came up with this line:

” if a painters masterpiece is the end and death of his/her seeking and striving then the drawings made must be the life”

life seemed to be a common theme in my thinking about drawing. unashamed, abandoned, authentic and honest life. Wether its life spent  and ‘wasted’ on one theme, days spent marking the land with a plough to turn the land for crops or hours of therapy and discovery through art.

I decided then on the ambition to seek a depth and authenticity to the content of the drawings i’m making, and if i can achieve this in drawing (life) then maybe my masterpieces will be just as glorious.

So here are a couple photographs of what i’ve been working on:


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