Lino printing is something I remember doing at school, around the age of 12/13. We had a teacher called Mr. Phipps who loved printing. He was a tall lumbering sort of man, with big hands, a shiny head and traces of ink on his clothes and finger nails. As far as I remember printing was always frustrating at that age, because it took so much time. The finished product sat miles in the future, far beyond the capacity of your imagination and only Mr. Phipps within his shiny head could see how it all worked. I’ve recently started making some of my own prints and with them i’ve realised  a new respect for Mr. Phipps. His characteristics I am sure were perfect for his chosen discipline. Still with his patient face, slow dumb voice and rolled up sleeves in my minds eye I have carved my way through about 5 sheets of lino. I’ve stuck to simple designs, literally traced from drawings i’ve made. The whittling of the block is a satisfying process… it slows me down. I’m not the most frantic of people, but anything that forces me to slow down is a blessing.

I need to work on the actual printing side of things, maybe get some good paper and find a printing press… but i’m enjoying lino a lot at the moment.

here are some of the results.

‘bear en seul’

‘samson’s head’


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