the rule of thumb amongst other things

I’ve been listening… and therefore not speaking or writing… but also working hard on a previously mentioned book, now finished and being printed in the next month or so… i’m excited and nervous about it, colours have become mortal enemies and every choice i’ve had to make has been a pressured one, but it’s all part of it (i think). I really hope it looks good and does justice to the book itself.

I’ve also been making some drawings relating to songs i’ve been writing, on one hand for practice and the other because of the need of some music related art… ‘in the belly of the fish’ is the song i’ve been recording and trying to illustrate… so far i’ve only got a couple images, but i’ll stick them up.

(the song is based on the story of Jonah and bit of an exploration into his experiences)

i’ve been thinking i would like to try some lino printing… these two are al i’ve got at the moment and i’d rather they were not computerly… but it is good to be able to be quite free and play around with compositions to then remake the images by hand.

will put some stuff from ‘the rule of thumb’ up in a bit


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