It’s been the calm day after the storm day today in terms of wether and i’m sure it does good to my head. I’ve been working still on the book covers today, but took some time over a cup of tea to make this wallpaper for my computer. ‘don’t let the panic bring you down’ is a lyric from a song i’ve been listening to today, so i scribbled it into my sketchbook (if you can scribble in paint) and it’s been going over and over in my head. Not that i’m ever very panicky, i’m generally pretty calm, maybe more than most… but this means the world looks even more in a panic to me. A gentle ‘it’l be ok’ is the spirit of the song and this wallpaper.

my email is if anyone fancies getting in touch and sending it out to people… but enjoy and don’t let the panic get you down.


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