what else is blogging for?

Even though it’s only half 11 at night, i’ve been trying to get to sleep for a while. I’ve been tired all day after big weekend and the last hour has been like a numbing tapping on my arm or a quite hum in the background… either way it’s frustrating, but not enough to really be annoyed. Maybe it’s just that i’m on the calmer end of the scale and see little gain in rage anyway.

So i thought, blog… surely blogging was born out of insomnia, now in this never sleeping age i have reason for my nocturnal mood.

I’ve been working on a book project for the last couple of months for some friends. I mentioned it back in february and since then i’ve gone through at least two pads of paper and a couple of pens. I’m beginning to get to the end, the cover is killing me but the innards i am pleased with. It all has to be finished by the end of april which is exciting… it’l be great to have some drawings published as part of an exciting project. What i’ve read of the book is really good, author steve has had me chuckling at various points as well as thoroughly interested. Will post again regarding a release.

here are some more of the drawings i’ve done for inside the book.


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