i’ve been rooting around on and off for the last few days, trying to fill my mind with names and ideas for my interview tomorrow in brighton. Found this fellows work this afternoon. He makes his work by hand, creating some beautiful imagery through text and numbers and ridiculously cool type. There seems to be a quality to his work that i’m learning comes from ‘hand-made’ work. The bold and solid chunks of colour made through printing and paint pens are playful, while the lines and shapes of the individual fonts a graceful and full of character.

(i think on a personal note, at this point, i’m excited by the prospect of people making work by hand, sticking to their craft based morals and not bending to the ever fast and internet eat dog world of art and design. i’ve read recently that in the world of illustration there is always someone ready to design something cheaper and faster and the decision has to be made wether to compete or rise above. I think it’s a sad reality that more often than not it seems, companies and clients want ‘easier, faster and cheaper’ products and are not prepared to wait for a quality design or illustration. However, in the eye of the storm that is our culture, i feel a bubbling excitement and appreciation for all things folk, and by this i mean a reformation. Lofty. But. I think we’ve ragged life like james dean proposed for long enough, and a quieter, more humble but by no means less exciting creativity echoes in the belly of the earth. Idealistic but hopeful. and hopeful i will leave it.)

I would recommend a look around his site as there is too much to comment on in one measly little blogo… but i’m going to put some of my favourites up.



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