hold onto your hats

Revelation and the like…

Following on from my visit to ‘the museum of everything’ i have been looking into a couple of the characters who’s inspiring work i saw at the exhibition. One of my favourite personalities was that of Sister Gertrude Morgan.

Sister Morgan was married with children and felt God say to her, leave your family and move to new orleans, set up an orphanage and preach the good news of the gospel… and so she did, i suppose if God says, it’s a good idea to follow. She began to preach on the streets of new orleans, as well as singing her own gospel music to make money for the orphanage. At some point along the way, God told her to paint too. So she began creating some of the most exciting work i’ve seen, simply as a tool for her sermons. A visual aid. This for me is the most exciting part and i think what i love about the work. Like Henry Darger, she had no training, she simply had an aim. A project to work on. No standards or rules. This un-hindered approach makes for some very cool pictures.

I absolutely love the shapes, colours and compositions even though i’m sure Sister Morgan did not intend them to be recognised for these things. Gertrude is most definitely a person i would of liked to meet.

(i’ve been thinking and talking with a friend about ‘outsider’ art, and how we maybe like the art more than the person and wether that is ok in a moral sense. However with this particular collection of work, i like almost all of the life as well as the work. Shame about the whole leaving your children without a mother, it’d be interesting to know how they felt.)

here’s the brilliant work…

she paints a lot of the ‘new earth’ and parts of ‘revelation’ suggesting she was a preacher in the fullest sense of the word. Hard line.

i’m going to keep looking for more pictures…


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