the rule of thumb

My good friends steve and will made the world jealous by hitch hiking from this here country to malaysia. Steve, a budding writer and i think will… just budding wrote along the way and steve has been putting the book together since they got back a good few months ago… maybe a year or more. In the meantime steve got married, will got more facial hair and so they are both equally happy… apart from steve being blissfully happy with an infectious sort of enthusiasm for life love and the universe. This all boils down to the fact that they asked me to illustrate the cover of the book and see what else i could do. There is a deadline, a pressure and a lot of longing to creative something really special for some very special people to me.

What follows is my work for today… chapter heading illustrations… they may make the cut, they may not but i’ve stuck them on colourful material to give them a little edge.

“how much does a polar bear weigh”

“free frank”

“into the unknown”

“fasting and fisticuffs”

i feel very privileged to be skimming through what steve has pulled together for icons and imagery to draw from. There is a thrilling and funny character that runs between the lines of steve’s writing. I’ve been chuckling along as i read through. I’m sure there’ll be more to report about the book and the dynamic duo before long… here’s to a slow and steady wednesday.


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