henry darger

It was a cold morning… i had been working on the walls and floors of a small soon to be art gallery. The past few months had rushed by and I had seen an idea become a building and a buzz. A growing sense of importance had crept up on me for this place and my friend Luke had kindly let me hang around and help out with the preparation process. Like i said it was a cold morning, and clinging to a steaming mug of black machu picchu coffee (as had been the order of every day for the last few weeks) Luke told of how his parents had recently returned home having met a delightful woman on a train. This woman turned out to be the wife of Nathan Lerner, an accomplished photographer who’s work had been “inextricably bound up in the history of visual culture in Chicago”.
I could feel the importance of the story as Luke explained how Kiyoko Lerner was the woman who owned the complete works of an outsider artist called Henry Darger. All of this meant nothing to me, apart from enjoying Luke’s enthusiasm.

However, later that week i saw some grainy images of “the vivian sisters” and other characters from Dargers work and began a rapid journey of admiration and wonder.

I think the best thing is to just put some pictures up of what i’ve found on the internet. Since Luke mentioned him a year and a half ago, Darger’s work seems to be being shown more and more and he is becoming a huge name within the world of art. I also recently went to an ‘outsider’ art exhibition in a local gallery, there was some really interesting work there too.

such brilliantly beautiful work… Darger’s compositions are just right, and the simple appearance of line and washed out colour is haunting and graceful. He really was a master.

I look forward to having enough money to buy his book and hope to see his work at some point in my life.

I’d recommend a little research on this fellow, he has a really intriguing story as a man and an artist.

Here’s one for Henry Darger… woop woop!


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