snow festival in japan

In flickering through flickr for pictures of prague i came across a delightful image of hundreds… maybe thousands of snowmen. Turns out they are part of a snow festival held in Sapporo, Japan during  February. Having just made it through our ‘month long cold snap’ i am still quite inspired by the cold and the snow particularly, but not skiing.

Here are some ‘cool’ pictures from the festival…

The Snow Festival began in 1950, when six local high school students built six snow statues in Odori Park.
In years when the accumulated snowfall is low, the Self-Defense Force, for whom participation is considered a training exercise, brings in snow from outside Sapporo. The Makomanai base, one of three main sites from 1965, hosted the largest sculptures, with an emphasis on providing play space for children.
(how brilliant that the self defense force feel it’s their duty to enable the festival to happen)

(looks like the features are made out of sushi and orios, no wonder some are missing eyes)

this last one isn’t from the festival, but i liked it a lot. viva snow and all attached.


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