2 years ago i went to prague for a couple of days. It was during my art foundation and i opted out of a ‘school trip’ and flew to prague to do some drawing and exploring. We had an interesting time trying to find the place we had booked to stay, then a new place to stay when that place was closed. It did mean that we had trekked with our bags (mine heavily overpacked) across most of prague and the surrounding area.

What a beautiful place it is though, i want to go back soon as we found our feet just before we left.
I took a little sketchbook and sat most days drawing whilst my friend ben read up on the local history and searched for the evenings meal. A little mention of gratitude towards him for going with me and sitting whilst i drew… a great friend.

so here are some scanned pages from the sketchbook i filled in prague, i’m fond of it as a belonging, i began to push more into drawing at the time as well so it’s a bit of a milestone for me too.

so there we have it… a few snippits from my prague sketchbook.



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