scandinavian knitwear

Here are some pages from a very good looking book i found in the cafe at the hospital where I work. Whilst cleaning in a hospital you begin to expect little and hope that the time might not drag. Never do you brace yourself for a book on knitting patterns inspired by scandinavians. I think it’s fair to say that a revival has broken out in the form of a new generation of knit-loving, festive jumper wearing people. I have a real love for faire isle patterns, ridiculous winter jumpers and ‘knitting’ in general so this find was a real peach.

(Here we have the front cover… i’ll note the matching hat and jumper.)

(nice cardy)

(and finally a beautifully strange image)

This book and others like it have begun to make a big impact on the way i see colour and pattern. Born out of a time when cut out deer shapes really were original and patterned jumpers really were for keeping warm without irony and festive chique.

Anyway, there we have it, the surprising find of a scandinavian knitwear book in a hospital cafe.


One response to “scandinavian knitwear

  1. What a find. This is truly a gem of a book. Did you sneak it home? What you need to do now is befriend an old lady on the ward and see if she’ll knit up some Scandinavian jumpers for you. The cameraman cardi is particularly lovely.

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