my drawing so far

i have been scanning a lot of my drawings in order to send them off to universities as part of the application process. i then thought, why not create a space for them to float around and maybe be seen by more people. i do love sharing. So i think i’m just going to reel them off, and explain those that i want to explain and let the others just sit as they are. Some have been exhibited in a few different places, others have been blue-tacked onto my wall for a good few months, some have faded in the sunlight poring through the windows of various rooms and others have been left within a big pile of good and not so good work. The process of editing for a portfolio is a fun one for me as i always seem to have too much material, even for a painfully heavy leather folder that almost wrenched my arm off a week ago. So i’ve been going through my sketchbooks and all the piles of paper that fill my room and now part of the living room and dining room. This is what I have found;

(some collages of drawings i’ve done in the last three years)

(this lion is one of my favourite images, it has been fading slowly in the sunlight and i think growing in character)

(for a while i’ve been dropping into the charity shops and picking up second hand frames. they seem to fit nicely with what i would call a ‘low-fi pencil crayon’ technique in drawing)

(for digging in the ground when every thing is new)

(i spent half of 2009 living in a community house, the girls had got wind of this farmers wife who had grown a field of wild flowers for picking in the summer. They came back with bucket loads of colourful flowers and the whole thing was beautiful. i went a bit later with a great friend of mine, it really was a special place and a brilliant summer afternoon)

lastly for now is a picture of a collection i had on the wall of waterstones book shop in salisbury, really enjoyed making something of all the drawing i had been doing.


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