chocolate mouth

so, I am in the process of applying to varies art schools and universities to do an Illustration degree. I’ve felt a new serge of energy for drawing and experimenting with colours and different mediums and I think i’m going to try and make a drawing each day. I won’t put them up every day, but will try and keep a weekly update with all the images being uploaded. It will be nice to look back in a month (providing I last that long) and see what I have discovered and wether i’m making any progress.

I started yesterday with a drawing of some school children who had been photographed colouring in. I thought it was an appropriate way to start as i feel so small and ready to learn… I also have often looked at children’s drawings and been amazed and inspired by the bold and odd colours and the honest and strangely perceptive shapes with which they construct their images.

(friday 29th january 2010)

number two is an image i have spent most of the afternoon and evening on whilst sitting with my mum and a friend.

Drawn from a book i sneaked from the minature library at the hospital where I work. It’s called ‘Scandinavian Knitwear’ i’m going to upload some images from it in a little while.

(30 january 2010)


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